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Estate Disputes And Fiduciary Litigation In North Carolina

Last updated on February 22, 2023

The death of a loved one is a difficult time for any family, and even more so when family members are surprised by the way their loved one’s assets are to be divided. Sometimes circumstances exist, such as questions over competency or the potential for undue influence, that call into doubt whether that loved one’s assets are being distributed according to his or her true wishes.  An estate dispute can lead to complex and painful litigation with the potential to divide families. From their office in Raleigh, the estate litigation attorneys at Everett Gaskins Hancock Tuttle Hash LLP can help.

Sensitive Probate And Estate Disputes Require A Sensitive Approach

Attorneys James Hash and Ed Gaskins have experience representing parties on both sides of these sensitive matters, including disputes over the validity, interpretation, and administration of wills and trusts. James and Ed also handle matters in which executors, trustees and agents through powers of attorney have been accused of breaching their fiduciary duties by using their positions for their own benefit. With decades of experience, and a respected reputation in the local legal community, our estate litigation lawyers bring a passionate approach to estate and probate disputes, but provide a calm and peaceful presence for their clients during what is usually a difficult time.

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