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When Business Relationships and Contracts Evolve Into Conflicts And Disputes

Last updated on February 27, 2023

One of the primary reasons businesses enter into and use contracts is to minimize conflict. However, it is not possible to predict every possible scenario. Occasionally, a contract dispute arises and can threaten to destroy a business relationship. The attorneys at Everett Gaskins Hancock Tuttle Hash LLP have been serving as strong legal advocates for their business clients in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina. If your company is struggling with a business relationship, is in dispute over a contract or is facing commercial litigation, our legal team can help.

Contract Disputes And Commercial Litigation

A well-written contract directs the course of the business relationship and sets forth the terms and conditions for the manner in which the parties will conduct business. It also attempts to anticipate potential problems and state in advance how those problems will be resolved. But no matter how well the contract was written, nor how thoughtful and strategically the terms were defined, it is impossible to anticipate every possible scenario. Some of the most common contract disputes that our experienced commercial litigation lawyers help our business clients navigate include the following:

  • Sale of goods or services disputes
  • Consumer contract disputes
  • Nondisclosure agreements (NDA) disputes
  • Partnership agreement and partnership disputes
  • Commercial lease disputes

In some scenarios, conflicts arise because the contract was poorly written and the terms of the contract were vague or not adequately defined. No matter the reasons for the resulting dispute, our business law attorneys can help.

Commercial Disputes: Breach Of Contract

The most common contract disputes arise when there is a breach of the original contract. A material breach is when one of the party’s complete and total failure to comply with the terms of the contract renders that contract completely void. A minor breach of a contract term does not necessarily negate the entire contract. The overall contract may remain intact, but the damaged party may still be entitled to compensation for the other party’s failure to uphold that particular term of the contract. At Everett Gaskins Hancock Tuttle Hash LLP, we work diligently with our clients to be a voice of reason and craft legal strategies that put their best business interests at the forefront of their litigation goals.

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