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Providing Counsel And Advice To North Carolina Government

Last updated on March 2, 2023

Everett Gaskins Hancock Tuttle Hash LLP has worked for decades to build a reputation that is founded in integrity, works expeditiously on behalf of their clients to find practical legal solutions. We lend our knowledge and experience to government entities in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina whenever possible.

Improving The Operations Of State And Local Governments

The firm provides a broad range of services to improve the operations of state and local government and the effective delivery of essential public services to the people of North Carolina.

The firm’s services include:

  • Legal representation and counsel to help state and local government find solutions for complex challenges
  • Design and leadership of public initiatives to develop local and regional solutions for governmental challenges
  • Legal representation and counsel for school districts, school district collaborations, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, education improvement organization, public education advocates, public/private partnerships, economic development and business organizations, and others at all levels of state and local government
  • Public advocacy and lobbying for clients before the General Assembly, counties and municipalities, and their agencies and departments, and related public authorities
  • Design and organization of new entities and public/private partnerships to implement consensus solutions for governmental challenges
  • Representation before the Local Government Commission
  • Representation before the State Water Infrastructure Authority and other State agencies and authorities
  • Legal representation and counsel regarding the responsibilities of State and Local Government, including but not limited to debt, risk management, economic and infrastructure development, education, public/private partnerships, healthcare, retirement, state and local relationships, and all issues impacting sustainability
  • Monitoring governmental operations
  • Crisis management counsel for state and local government


Attorney Gerry Hancock manages the State and Local Government Practice for the firm. As a former Member of the North Carolina Senate, and as the organizer of numerous successful public policy initiatives, Gerry has helped many clients find consensus solutions for some of North Carolina’s most complex challenges.

Attorney Greg Gaskins served as Charlotte’s Finance Director and as Secretary of the Local Government Commission, and is widely regarded as one of North Carolina’s foremost experts on local government law and finance.

Attorney Ed Gaskins, is a member of both the North Carolina Bar Association’s Legal Practice Hall of Fame and North Carolina’s Weekly Hall of Fame in recognition of his professionalism and career long excellence in practice. He is an accomplished trial lawyer and experienced negotiator and problem solver in a wide variety of complex contexts and has represented clients at all levels of government over his long and distinguished career.

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