Everett Gaskins Hancock Tuttle Hash LLP

Dedicated Advocacy. Practical Solutions.

Core Principles

Everett Gaskins Hancock Tuttle Hash LLP is founded upon core principles that have guided our attorneys throughout their careers. We understand that the practice of law is fundamentally one of service – service to our clients, to our community, state and nation, and to the profession itself. We carefully listen to our clients’ needs and work with them to craft practical and creative solutions to help them reach their goals.

1. Conduct yourself personally and professionally consistent with the highest ethical standards – there is no substitute for integrity.

2. If you undertake to represent a client, do so only if you can provide quality legal services expeditiously and with enthusiasm, and in the most economical way for the client. That is, provide both quality and value.

3. Unless the matter is wholly or partially pro bono, expect fair payment from each client, but never put money as the top priority either in an individual matter or in determining the direction of the firm.

4. Put the interests of our clients first, then the interests of the staff, and lastly the interests of the attorneys.

5. Balance work, family, fun and service to the community. In everything you do, try to make a difference.

6. The firm is a team, and every member of the team is important. Accord every member of the team respect and dignity. Take time to listen, learn and mentor.

7. Select for the team only those who have exceptional ability and are pleasant to work with, because the practice of law should be both rewarding and enjoyable for all involved.

8. Be well managed and innovative, and be governed by democratic principles.

9. Never grow just to be big: the goal is to be the best, not the biggest.

10. Conduct yourself with civility towards all and with loyalty to each and every team member.