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3 mistakes people make after crashes that compromise their rights

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

Although an individual’s statistical likelihood of a crash increases every time they are out on the road, people tend to ignore the possibility that they will experience a major wreck eventually.

As a result, they might make totally preventable mistakes that will affect their right to ask for compensation later. North Carolina motorists who are mentally prepared for the risk that a collision may occur before they reach their destination will have an easier time avoiding the three common mistakes listed below that may affect their rights later.

Agreeing not to report the collision

State law generally requires that those involved in a collision where people get hurt or have significant property damage report the matter to the local authorities. A police report is important for establishing official records of a collision. Filing a report will also play an important role in any insurance claim that follows the crash. Those who try to talk others out of notifying the authorities may lack insurance or licensing and hope to avoid consequences by manipulating the other individual’s sympathy.

Moving their vehicles as soon as the crash occurs

Especially if a crash occurs on a highway or other road with a higher speed limit, there can be a lot of perceived pressure from oncoming traffic immediately following a collision. People often ask passers-by for assistance moving their vehicles right away rather than taking a moment to document the scene of the crash. A few minutes spent capturing video and photo evidence that shows the scene of the collision could help establish fault later if the other driver isn’t honest about what happened.

Failing to seek prompt medical attention

After a collision that occurred at high speeds or that resulted in severe damage to a vehicle, people sometimes continue to their destination without seeing a medical professional first. There are numerous injuries possible after a crash that may not result in immediate symptoms. Stable fractures and brain injuries, for example, are easy for people to overlook after a wreck. The sooner that someone sees a doctor and receives an accurate diagnosis, the better their chances of conclusively connecting the medical issues they have with the collision that occurred.

Those who respond appropriately after a collision will typically be in a better position to hold the party or parties at fault accountable for the crash and cover their costs. Avoiding common mistakes after a car wreck may help someone improve their chances of securing rightful compensation accordingly.