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North Carolina Bar Association announces EGH as the Small & Medium Law Firm Pro Bono Award Winner

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2016 | Firm News

The North Carolina Bar Association has announced that Everett Gaskins Hancock, LLP has been selected to receive the Association’s Pro Bono Award for Small & Medium Law Firms for 2016. The award is given annually to recognize firms for their outstanding commitment to the provision of pro bono services. Senior partner Ed Gaskins attributes the award to the efforts of Firm attorneys James Hash and Fiona Steer, who head up the Firm’s pro bono efforts in conjunction with Campbell Law School prob bono externs.” James and Fiona lead us in our pro bono efforts and they will receive the award on behalf of the Firm at the annual meeting of the Association in June,” says Mr. Gaskins. To see more on the North Carolina Bar Association’s announcement, see: https://www.ncbar.org/news/pro-bono-award-winners-selected/