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Ed Gaskins Prevails in Court of Appeals on Property Tax Matter

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2013 | Firm News

EGH attorney Ed Gaskins has won an appeal of significance in the property tax arena. The North Carolina Court of Appeals in a unanimous decision issued on December 18, 2012, In re NC Yadkin House, LLC, No. COA12-630, 2012 WL 6591458 (unpublished) upheld the Property Tax Commission’s ad valorem tax exemption for a non-profit limited liability company (“LLC”) providing low income housing. The county had denied the exemption in part because NC Yadkin House was not a non-profit corporation, but rather was a wholly owned subsidiary of a non-profit corporation. This is apparently the first North Carolina appellate case in which the Court has held that a LLC can qualify as tax exempt if its parent is a non-profit corporation. To read the full Court of Appeals Decision, please see NC Court of Appeals Decision Legal Disclaimer: Every legal matter is unique, and results obtained on behalf of particular clients depend upon specific factual and legal circumstances. The representative cases referenced on this website illustrate work that Everett Gaskins Hancock attorneys have done in the past but are in no way intended as a representation that the same or similar outcomes may be achieved in a different situation.